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Alexis Corrigan
"The Papers"
- Short Narrative - Drama - Independent Film
November 2011 - June 2012 


Lori, an intelligent but reserved woman attempts to divorce her manipulative and abusive husband, Kevin. Lori has papers drawn up to finalize the divorce but Kevin refuses to sign. Kevin uses their young son Blake as leverage to keep Lori in the marriage. Lori must outsmart Kevin and find a way to make him sign not only to save herself, but her son as well. And as for Blake, the question of "Does the apple fall far from the tree?" remains a question for his future.

Quick Facts
Writer & Director: Tucker Poindexter
Director of Photography: Vaughn Potter
Editor & Data Asset Specialist: Alexis Corrigan
Production Design: Mallory Click

Format: R3D
Platforms Used:
R3D Data Manger. R3D Cine X. Final Cut Pro 7.
Filmed in: Columbus, IN
Premiere Date:
June 4, 2012
Fun Fact: There are two different finished cuts of this film. One cut is considered the "Full Version" the other is considered the "Director's Cut."
Length of Full Version:
Length of Director's Cut: 10:12

Public Screenings
June 4, 2012 - Columbia College Chicago - Chicago, IL
Alexis Corrigan
Phone: 630-276-8944

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