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Alexis Corrigan
About Me 

Quick fun facts:

- My name full name is Alexis Ruth Corrigan. But since you and I are close personal friends now, you can just call me: "Alexis"

- I specialize in post production and spend most of my time as a freelance film & video editor.

- That being said, I'm no stranger to working on set. I've worked in a variety of positions on set such as a freelance script supervisor, data wrangler, propsmaster, and art department assistant.

- I recieved my Bachelors Degree in Film & Video with a concentration in Post Production at Columbia College Chicago.

- I'm originally from Chicago, IL, and made the big move out to Los Angeles in 2013 to continue pursuing my career.

- I've worked with many major production companies, networks and studios, such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV+, FX Network, Universal Pictures, Lionsagte/Summit Entertainment, Sony/Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Target, AbelsonTaylor, name a few.

- Some of the more well known studio features I have been apart of are: "Divergent", "Insurgent", "Allegiant", "Burnt", "Fifty Shades Darker and "Fifty Shades Freed", "Our Friend"

- Some of the more well known television series I have been apart of are: "The OA: Part II", "What We Do In The Shadows: Season 2", "Westworld: Season 3" and "The Morning Show Season 3"

- I have a cat named Atticus, who I often refer to as "Mr. Finch." In fact, more often than not I find myself quoting lines from To Kill A Mockingbird to him. I'm pretty sure he thinks his name is "Why hello there, Mr Finch. My, you look like a picture this morning." As that is how most of my mornings begin. I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit this fact.

- I play the piano and the accordion.

- I love theme parks and going to Disneyland and Universal Studios.

- I love comedy music and shows. I'm a huge fan of "Weird Al" Yankovic and Flight of the Conchords

- My favorite snack is applesauce.

I think that about covers it. Any questions? No? Ok then. But, if you do happen to come up with any questions or want to contact me in anyway, feel free to do so! 

For now, take a look around. Enjoy the website. Check out my reel, resume, and samples of work. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to collaborating with you!

A few companies and clients I've been fortunate enough to work with are:

Alexis Corrigan
Phone: 630-276-8944

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