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Alexis Corrigan

"In   Between"
- Short Experimental - Experimental Drama - Status: POST PRODUCTION


In Between explores a young man’s struggle to understand love in an abusive household. This leads him to create a false reality where he tries to escape the traumatic events he’s faced with.

Quick Statistics
Director: Andrea C. Pabon
Producer: Yana Kirichkova
Director of Photography: Mike Maliwanag

Editor: Alexis Corrigan
 Production Designer: Jordan Jansen
Composer: Philippe Pierre
Format: 35mm
Platform Used: Final Cut Pro 7. Avid Media Composer 6
Filmed in: Chicago, IL

Film Completed: March 2015
Fun Fact: This is the 12th film I've worked on with Andrea C. Pabon.

Other "In Between" Videos Edited by Alexis Corrigan:
in   between. Behind the Scenes - Promotional Video
in   between. Auditions - Promotional Documentary
in   between. Bloopers - Blooper Reel

A look at in   between. - Promotional video
in   between. makeup - Promotional Video
In Between Trailer  - Trailer

Frozen Film Festival - Woodridge, IL - Februar 18th, 2017

Halfstack Magazine devoted an article to the film In Between and the director Andrea C. Pabon.
Check it out here:

Alexis Corrigan
Phone: 630-276-8944

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